Safe Migration 

The average income in Cambodia is $325 per month, and unfortunately, for many multi-generational families, this is not enough money to survive. Many families choose to seek employment in neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, while others travel much further into places such as Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, China and even the United States. 
Each of these families who choose to migrate outside of Cambodia, in search of a better income, often only see the money aspect of the opportunity, and don't often look beyond that. 
They don't think to look at the working conditions they might be subjected to, or the long hours they will be asked to work, the paperwork process they will need to fill out to obtain these jobs legally, or even the need for a Cambodian passport and international visa. 

This program is designed to assist community members in learning the realities of working abroad, and what is needed to work legally. 
This program also touches on the various different employment scams to be aware of, and the key signs of human trafficking to look out for when applying for and accepting a job.  This program also teaches individuals what they need to do, and who they need to contact, if they find themselves in a dangerous employment situation, or a human trafficking situation, both in Cambodia and abroad.