Our Programs

 Women Are Gold’s community center offers a variety of classes, is a safe space for young women and girls to come to receive counseling, and a resource area for partnering organizations. 

  • Women Are Gold offers a 10-week book study based on the reality novel, “Diving Deep, Going Far”, about a new generation of women leaders in Cambodia. Many of the women in this book have risen from dire situations to a life of great success; but not without a lot of criticism, setbacks and hard work. We hold these book studies to show young girls that anything is possible when they complete high school, remain focused and have a dream of success. 

  • Our Financial Management and Planning classes are taught to each of our clients, their families and to many people in the community. Financial stability is probably the number one key to preventing human trafficking in Cambodia. For a family to be financially stable and secure, there would be no need to take their daughter out of school to go to work to help financially support the family. We would love to see a financially secure Cambodia. 

  • Safe Migration is a very popular class that is offered at our center. This class talks about what to be aware of when finding employment in other cities outside of Kampong Cham or other countries outside of Cambodia. Many Cambodian people look for work outside of their villages and/or country. To know how to do this safely and effectively can help them avoid job scams and become aware of unsafe practices that could lead to human trafficking.

  • It’s tough being a teenager! But being a teenage girl, trying to stay in school, growing up in an impoverished family, in Cambodia…is really hard. Sometimes our clients, and young women and girls in the community, just need someone who will listen to them, understand their struggles and help encourage them to stay in school and keep looking forward. Our community center has counseling programs just for this. 

  • Teaching young women and girls how to identify signs of human trafficking, both in real life situations and through online situations, is extremely important. Having partnered with several other organizations and sharing curriculums, we can create a safer Cambodia. 

  • For children to know the difference between “good touch and bad touch” is vital in keeping children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation. Women Are Gold is teaching the “good touch, bad touch” program in the community and has distinguished itself as a place to go, report and seek safety if abuse is taking place. 

  • Community partnerships and working together to fight human trafficking is one of our main priorities.  Human trafficking is a big problem and we can’t tackle it on our own, nor would we want to. Partnering with others gives us the opportunity to share ideas, creat plans and know target areas in which to work. Partnerships lighten the load for everyone. 

  • The Khmer people know the needs of their communities and their country. Working hand-in-hand with local governments, community leaders, businesses, organizations, churches and residents of the community will help us to create programs that are catered to the needs of the people and the communities we serve. We highly value our partnerships with others.