Our Mission and Vision

Women are Gold is a nonprofit community center located in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. 
This is a safe place where young women and girls who are at risk for trafficking, or who have been victims of trafficking, can come together to connect, learn, and create new opportunities for themselves and their families.  

The purpose of the center is to help community members gain new skills and empower them with continuous education opportunities to alleviate poverty, find better employment options and prevent human trafficking. 

Our vision is to use the community center as a springboard to identify community needs. It is our desire to partner with other organizations, churches, individuals,  businesses and government officials to create solutions to address those needs.  Education, partnering and collaboration are key components of our strategy.  

We realize we are not able to address all of the root causes of trafficking and poverty on our own; instead, our goal is to work together with other like-minded Cambodian and foreign stakeholders and use our collective expertise to truly make an impact.