Healthy GLOW

Take yourself back to the fifth or sixth grade. Remember that embarrassing day when the school taught you about the changes your body was going to be making when you entered into puberty and then into adulthood? 
Well, here in Cambodia, there is no such teaching in schools, and it’s taboo to talk about at home. So many young women have no idea what to expect when they enter into puberty and beyond. 

The Healthy GLOW program that we offer was developed by the Global GLOW Initiative. This program focuses on sexual, reproductive, and emotional health with a strong emphasis on healthy relationships.

Health issues can be enormous—and sometimes overwhelming—barriers for girls all over Cambodia. Lack of access to sexual and reproductive health information and care can prevent girls from attending school regularly—impacting not just their ability to be at their best physically, but also their ability to learn, grow, and receive necessary educational and social support, something Women Are Gold is passionate about, at a crucial time in their lives. 

The statistics are staggering, but did you know that menstrual hygiene issues, and the interruptions to education that they cause, can put girls far behind their male classmates—up to 145 days behind. This is unacceptable. 

Women Are Gold, and the Healthy GLOW program teach girls that just because they’re have their period doesn’t mean they can’t be happy, healthy, productive, empowered and in school…PERIOD.