Our Logo

Every logo has a story to tell. And our logo is no different. 

Many of you might know, Jen has a special thing for birds and feathers. Her thing for birds and feathers started in our backyard when God brought her to her knees upon finding what she thought was an injured baby bird. This happened a month prior to her very first anti-trafficking vision trip to Southeast Asia. 

At the time Jen found this baby bird she thought this baby had a broken wing. She quickly grabbed a twig and gently began to nudge the baby. The bird hopped a few hops and stopped. Jen nudged again. Same thing, hop, hop. Jen nudged again. This time, to Jen’s surprise, the baby bird gracefully flapped her wings and flew over our privacy fence and out of sight. 

At this moment Jen dropped to her knees and burst into tears. What she thought was a broken, helpless, hopeless, damaged, lost and forgotten baby bird was anything but. She was a beautiful baby who needed a little encouragement, hope, guidance, love, motivation, and someone to help her be who God created her to be; free to fly and be herself. 

Just as she saw this baby bird in need of such things, Jen saw the children God was calling us to serve as needing these same things. To be rescued from the walls of their "privacy fence", loved, encouraged, guided, filled with hope and given the freedom to be who God created them to be!

Every day since her “baby bird moment" in the backyard that summer afternoon, God continues to remind both of us of that very reason He brought Jen to her knees. He reminds us that He can use both of us to help these children live a life of freedom, peace and joy, and at any given time we have the opportunity to help these children say,

“ this is not how the story is going to end”. 

Although God has placed a handful of baby birds in our paths since that day, He mainly reminds us through countless bird feathers. 

Never in our lives have we taken notice of  bird feathers, but now we see them EVERYWHERE! In the house, in the car, at the gym, in the store, at church, you name it...He places them in our path. We feel God is reassuring us that because we have clearly understood and excepted the plans He has for our life, He will faithfully lead us if we continue to trust and have faith in His plan. 

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