Our Clients 

 One of the questions we get asked quiet frequently is, 
“What demographic of people do you work with?” 
Great question, we are so glad you asked. 

Gender and Age

At Women Are Gold our main focus is to prevent the sex trafficking of young women and girls. Our main demographic of people is women and girls between the ages of 12-25 years of age, however if we encounter a young man or boy who is in need of assistance, we will be more than happy to assist him.

Family Background 

All of our clients come from homes that are in dire financial situations. Some of our clients come from families that have both parents living in the home and working, other clients have both parents in the home and only one parent is working. Some clients live with family members other than their parents. And some of our clients are unfortunately orphaned. Most of our clients come from large families with many siblings, which is very common in Cambodia. One thing each of our clients has in common is that their financial situations put them at extreme high risk of human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking. Why? In Cambodia it is the daughters responsibility to financially support the family. When the family has extreme debt or financial burden, they often times will send the daughter (at any age) off to find work. Many times these girls find caught in difficult situations and have no way to get out. 

Religious Affiliation 

Many of our clients indicate that they follow the teachings of Buddha. This is not a surprise to us as most of the country of Cambodia practices Buddhism. We do however have a few clients that attend the local Christian church and are enrolled in the town Christian school. 

Educational Background 

All of our clients are still, thankfully, enrolled in school. This is a priority for us here at Women Are Gold. Currently our clients are studying in grades 6-11. 

Seeing education as a priority and a way for young girls to have an opportunity in their future, we have decided to financially support our clients in their education. 

Each month, our clients receive a $35 educational assistance allowance. This assistance allowance helps cover their costs of transportation to and from school, daily meals, test materials, and ongoing tutoring. 

However, this assistance allowance doesn’t come without conditions. Each client must agree to attend classes on a regular basis, meet with their counselor once a month to review and discuss school assignments and report all grades to Women Are Gold monthly. If these conditions are not followed, their education allowance is discussed, and a plan is made for how to improve on their performance going forward. 

Client Referrals 

Women Are Gold is a registered organization in both the United States and in Cambodia. Being a registered organization in Cambodia, allows us to accept referrals from the local government, churches, schools, businesses and other organizations. So far we have received all of our referrals through schools and churches, as they are tuned into the needs of the families in their establishments that are struggling financially and in need of additional support for their daughters.